Jasmine Mosley

Mark Marino – E-Literature Explained (Video)

First, I wanted to start by adding a video that simply explains what E-literature is.  Already by me adding the video, you can kind of grab a concept of what e-lit is in a sense. E-literature is pretty hard to define, because of its depth and expandable capability.  It is basically based off of creativity and expression of the author or creator of the piece. E-lit “refers to works with an important literary aspect that takes advantage of the capabilities and contexts provided by the stand-alone or networked computer.” It allows those with ideas to compose great works within the E-lit genre.

My E-literature project will be based on the digital art world, and I would like to use it as a way for a new digital artist to display their works.  It will be an interactive form where the audience will be able to click, and each piece of art will tell its own story, but collectively there will be a theme.  I am deeply into romance, so this will be the theme

that I follow. Each image may move, or it may be still, but after 5-10 seconds a part of the digital will appear and will be clickable to move on to the next piece of the story. Some example of the types of images are below:

There are a few things I am focusing on with this project.

  • Getting different digital artist (5)to have their work seen.
  • Allowing the audience to feel a part of the story, by making it interactive.
  • Using different types of digital art to complete the piece.

The artist will have the free range to one collaborate with the other digital artist to create the work, allow them to create their own characters, and have different styles of digital art to make it versatile. I would like to make the love story be a representation of all of the many parts of love and to show how complex something so simple can be.  Love can be happy, sad, anger, and many other mixes of emotions, so the story should be a representation of that. I feel giving the digital artist a theme to follow will allow them to work freely within that genre and create an awesome piece for the audience.

Promoting the work will be done on different social media platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and snapchat.  Creating a bot would help to get viewers to the story. The bot can possibly end of the link to the story every few hours to ensure that it is being promoted properly.  Overall I feel that with this creation of a digital art story it will truly fit the E-Lit genre.