“GIF- Wrecked”

I decided to focus on the potential, good or bad, of sharing GIFs and memes through developing a concept for a handheld mobile device game. Similar to the Rent game we played. The name of the game is GIF-wrecked. It is a play on words to reflect the concept of the game which is being stuck, with no actual verbal communication– just GIFs.

The storyline starts here: It’s a rainy afternoon in Brooklyn, New York. Adam Park is at his sentencing. He stand before the judge after pleading guilty to verbal abuse and psychological manipulation. These are offenses the city has really cracked down on, because we all know New Yorkers speak recklessly. Eager to prove a point and make an example out of Park, the judge mercilessly sentences him to three years of silence, with GIFs and memes as his only means of communication .

This game will be interactive and available only through handheld and cellular devices to stimulate a real experience. There will be only 4 people the player (Adam) will be allowed to speak to and he must do so through gif or meme:

1) His Mom, Peggy: Super old eccentric character, loves watching Days of Our Lives and American Idol. She’s very crass but full of love. Their relationship is similar to bickering married couples.

2)His Girlfriend Amanda: 30 year old redhead with a temper but sensational sense of dry humour similar to The Office (show) and Gilmore Girls

3) his daughter Aurelia- Loves Spongebob and Yo Gabba Gabba.

4) , and his mistress Elise.- super ratchet, likes shows like the Bad Girls Club, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Not very funny. Actually kind of a jerk. 

The first level will start with only one person (mom) and grow increasingly difficult as you struggle to communicate using GIFs that are conducive to each relationship and represent themes and moments that each character may or may not understand. The final level will be communicating w the mistress as their personal relationship is not as watered as their sexual one.
The game will last for exactly three months, and mimic that of an actually text conversation through the app. The score will increase of decrease depending on how accurately you respond to each characters conversation.
I believe this game will be successful because it infuses an aspect of life that we are all familiar and ill love with, texting and media. It is an interactive game that will make the player appreciate GIFs as an art form much more as well as a means of communication.