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The Loyal Resident

Linda Pham (@pham_linda)

SleepScapes: A Convergence of Sleep, Dreams and Surveillance

@medeathewriter (Twitter handle)

Fandom & Obsession: Searching for the Line Between Connection and Intrusion

Christina Masucci (@masoochwrites) & Euphemia Fabulae (@fab_euphie)

Thoughts From Within the Panopticon: Social Curation & You~

Kelli Hayes @helterskelliter, Vlada Slaughter @vladaslaughter

Mapping the Road


The Library Legendarium: A Collaborative Writing Collection


My Story Begins With a Selfie


The Fit Game; E-Literature Edition


For the Love of Digital Art


Remixing the Poet: An Exploration of the Creative Process Via the Twitter Bot

Kelli Hayes, @helterskelliter

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