E-Lit ( Electronic Literature)~“refers to works with an important literary aspect that takes advantage of the capabilities and contexts provided by the stand-alone or networked computer”


For my final Net Nar electronic literature project I decided to create a health game. I am very much into the health industry. I am a daily blogging on Instagram and I post what is right for you to eat and what is unhealthy for you to put into your body. I went from 215 lbs post pregnancy to 158 lbs. I like to show people healthy alternatives to what they are use to feeding their bodies. So I motivate people to do better and try to help them create a life that will help them live longer and feel better and look better.

My fitness page is @blaquebeauty_fitness on Instagram. The game will focus on people that will choose the healthy way of life or the unhealthy route. The characters in the game will have the options to choose which route they are willing to go. They will either go left which will be the bad choices and right will be the healthy route. Every time they take a step in either direction they will see how that way of life is affecting them.



Left represent unhealthy Right represent healthy

If you drinks a lot of water you will have healthy hair, skin and nails.

You release alot of toxic waste and you constantly feel amazing.


          From drinking soda some much you

became very sluggish and have a lot of belly

fat around your stomach.

She living her best life drinking water and she drinks about 1 gallon a day. As she progress in the game, you will see how healthy and fit she become as she make healthy life choices. She is vegan which is someone who eat  plant based diet.

This person focuses his life around unhealthy eating habits. The more he eats saturated fat the more he is putting himself at risk for diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and cancer. As he goes through his path in the game he will see how bad his life becomes after eating so much harmful foods.