It took me a while to come up with a great idea for my last project for E Literature. I kept pondering about a topic that can be beneficial for people in the entire world. Especially for something that is a big issue for young adults, like depression, bullying, and suicide. Reading can be an escape goat for so many people, especially introverts. So, I thought what better idea than to use social media with selfies, and reading.

My E-Literature will be named “My Story Begins With A Selfie.” First I will find 3 great candidates that would not be afraid to write about their daily struggle with anything that can be related to ending their life. Each will have a different story, different beginning, and different outcome from it. The candidates would have the choice to put their social media out there where they can be contacted just in case if readers feel the need to do so. The E-Lit will have diary entries of each and every day where it can have happy and positive journals or an experience that one of the candidates have gone through. One the readings, some words will be highlighted and it contains a link where it shows a more in depth reading for example, “I went to the courtyard to eat lunch on my first day of high school” The word “courtyard” will be linked and the reader will be able to read the experience that the writer have gone through in the courtyard or it can be a simple explanation about why the courtyard is important. Also, the writers will have the liberty to doodle the experience they have gone through, or even share a song that has helped them by posting it on the post while the readers are reading.

E Literature will become the future later on and it will be linked into social media which can be shared in 5 seconds around the world. So I thought “What a better way to help the world by reaching to how the world is starting to work.” Sharing these experiences from these 3 candidates can help a teenager in need of feeling to know that they are not alone. Instead of a watching a show just to distract the mind, what better way than to relate to an E-Lit that will have interesting and even a friend after it.  If it gets extremely big, I would love for these diary entries to be introduced by different people besides the 3 candidates. It will have to start small to end big.