Choose Your Own E-Venture


I must admit that I was extremely intimidated by this E-Literature project. Even though I know that we aren’t going to submit an actual e-lit piece. Just the thought of attempting to create this made me nervous. Partly because I had never taken Dr. Zamora’s E-Lit class so I feel like I missed a lot.


So the first thing I did was research and talk to be people about e-lit. Luckily, a few of the graduate students used E-lit in their presentation. So, I stopped being so freaked out. The hardest thing truthfully was trying to figure out what I wanted to do my presentation on then I started having a conversation with my daughters about how much I used to love to read Choose Your Own Adventure stories growing up. That should’ve let me know that I was destined to be an author. Once I found out that there were no more adventures for me to choose for the characters I quickly annoyed. And my mother stopped buying me the books because my excitement for the new text wore out way before she was able to get her money’s worth. 

Now, these books were exactly what they sound like. You read the book and you come to certain points where you have to decide which way you will go next. Or rather what you want your character to do next. When I started reading these stories my mind would create all types of scenarios that the book never lived up to my imagination. I’m sure by now you’re wondering what this has to do with E-Lit. Well in my thinking about this proposal I thought about our experience gaming in NetNarr. I started imagining what if my younger self could’ve had the chance to experience my Choose Your Own Adventure Disney books in this virtual reality world. What! That would be amazing!

Since I love Disney movies just as much as I love Beyonce & Harry Potter. I thought that it would be cool and hopefully, Disney Hyperion won’t sue me for copyright infringement– but what if my E-Lit Create Your Own Adventure stories existed in the digital world.

Since my love of this, pretty much obsolete book genre began with the Disney books what if I could reimagine this experience in a digital space?

Let’s start with my favorite princess, Ariel from The Little Mermaid:http://


Readers could choose her adventure. Instead of her falling in love with Prince Eric and riding off into the sunset what else could Ariel do? What if Ariel were to defeat Ursala without his help. This E-Lit story can be written by the readers and they dictate what Ariel’s virtual character will do.

Now, since I’m a mom I can’t help but keep these adventures G-rated. I don’t want to create a click bait for children

Next up, I would have Princess Tiana from The Princess & The Frog:



If you’ve ever seen this movie, then you know that she needs her own story. She spent most of the Disney movie as a frog. Now, in addition to her needing her own time to shine in a story. I couldn’t even find a good GIF of her alone and not as a frog.

Another character I would have is Elsa from Disney’s Frozen:




Let’s face it, she needs an adventure. Other than this scene where she sang this epic song. She really didn’t do anything– wait she did save her sister. But, other than that, she didn’t have a story she needs one. And I can picture people clicking on different icicles in her castle to start to lead to her next adventure.


And last but not least, Princess Jasmine from Aladdin:




Another Disney princess that needs an adventure outside of her “prince” Aladdin. An image of her castle could allow for digital game playing writings could bring out her voice and create a story where she has wants, needs and desires. Which she kind of eluded to in the movie as she wasn’t really looking to get married.


I chose these familiar characters instead of creating my own because I’ve always wanted to see them do more and be more than what they’ve been portrayed to be. I feel an e-lit environment would allow these characters to grow and readers like me could finally get live out some childhood dreams of creating an adventure right alongside the princesses that they loved. And those adventures don’t begin and end with a prince.


Resources: (There are some create your own websites out there both games and places for your to write your own stories)