I chose to work on Job scams. I chose this topic because I have been a victim as well as several people around me to job scams. This is a huge issue because people are asked to spend money before even stepping foot into the workplace. When someone is desperately looking for a job they tend to overlook the little details that would help them notice that this isn’t a real job. It is urgent because these jobs need to be removed and reported by as many people as possible so there won’t be so many people falling victim to the bait and switch that many of these jobs do to innocent people who are trying to make an honest living. Somethings that makes you want to read more is because you may be unaware of what the job scam world looks like and you need to become aware of how real these jobs look so you can spread the word to others who have never even heard of job scams.

How to Spot A Fake Job

  • Trial employment scam- The applicant is told that they were selected as one of two people to go through a three-week trial period. You fill out the paperwork with your personal information including your social.
  • Direct deposit before interview scam- The applicant is offered the job via email and told that all employees are paid via Direct Deposit with the company’s banking institution with no additional cost for you. They make sure to have you give them your banking information before your initial interview by telling you that it’s needed for the system.
  • Pay for online training scam- In this scam, the job seeker receives an email from a person about a job they applied for that was filled. You are then told that the position you applied for is filled but they have another position which you have to get trained for at your expense.
  • Credit report scam: To proceed to the next step of the hiring process, you will need to get your credit score checked. Once again your social is needed in order to proceed.
  • Bait-and-switch Scam—PR/Marketing- This job description isn’t what it seems it says you will be doing customer service but in actuality, you will be doing door to door sales. Selling things like knives, vacuums, or even insurance.

Conclusion, Recommendations

In conclusion, pay attention to the little details that you may not usually pay attention to. Never give out any of your personal information to a job that’s just not normal. Look up the company on Glassdoor and Google prior to even applying to make sure it is legit. If you go to an interview never pay for training that isn’t for you to do how can you pay for training when you’re looking for employment. Never share your banking information unless you are sure the job is legit and it is for your payroll. Never accept a wire payment before doing a job that’s a scam of course. If any of these things happen to you report it immediately to the police if you feel it isn’t real. Be sure to inform those close to you about the job scams so they won’t fall, victim.


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