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Patrick: is an easy going fellow who takes great pride in his teeth. Believing that a million-dollar smile will get you far in the world, he will do anything to obtain it. Patrick is our main protagonist and target in this episode!

Dr. Dennis: an older gentleman who has been running his own private practice of dentistry for years, believes that there is a way to achieve MAGA … and for him, it is through a smile. Serving as the main antagonist in the story, he sees Patrick as a spinning smiles candidate.

Receptionist: is a friendly but odd woman. She takes pride in spinning smiles slogan and expects for every client of Dr. Dennis to do so. To get to Dr. Dennis, you must go through her first.

Penelope: is Patrick’s girlfriend. She takes a strong interest in reading about conspiracy theories and surveillance capitalism.

Waiting Man #1

Waiting Man #2


Scene #1: Dentist waiting office

Patrick is very diligent when it comes to dental hygiene. Brushing three times a day with regular monthly visits to his dentist, is how he maintains his perfect smile… but not every aspect of his teeth can be perfect. Like most people, Patrick is prone to surprise cavities. He is always looking for ways to combat them. Little does he know; his cavities are the least of his worries…

Like any other dentist appointments, Patrick sits in the waiting room of Dr. Dennis. As he waits, he is flipping through the daily ads in the New York post. As he reaches the end of the ads, a coupon for the new high-tech toothbrush Spinning Smiles 20.20 falls on to the ground. The receptionist calls Patrick to the window.

Receptionist: “His Mr. Jean, nice to see you again! Dr. Dennis will now see you.”

Scene #2: Dentist office hallway

Patrick walks through the sparkling white hallways that remind him of the celebrities with almost perfect teeth. He reaches the end of the hallway that leads to the slightly opened door where Dr. Dennis is organizing his dentist equipment. He greets Patrick with the usual hello of every monthly meeting.

Dr. Dennis: “So what are we checking on today, Patrick?”

Patrick: “Nothing serious, just the usual monthly check up.”

Scene #3: Dentist room

Dr. Dennis proceeds to do his monthly check up on Patrick: cavities, gum check, plaque buildup etc. After 20 minutes of going through the checkup, Patrick sits up to the small dangling mirror in front of him. He opens his mouth for his own personal satisfaction of checking for cavities.

Dr. Dennis: “I see that you are very into keeping a spinning smile.”

Patrick: “Yeah… the first impression you make is your smile!”

Dr. Dennis: “That is an excellent point! Since you are such an amazing patient, I would like you to try something that will enhance the health of your teeth even more!”

Dr. Dennis walks over to his medical supply closet and reaches in to pull out a box labeled Spinning Smiles 20.20. He hands over the box to Patrick. Patrick begins to examine it.

Dr. Dennis: “This little fun gadget is the Spinning Smiles 20.20. All my high-end clients use this toothbrush! Since you are such an amazing client, I will give it to you for free… if you agree to the terms and conditions of having this toothbrush.”

Without a second to waste, Patrick signs off on the terms and conditions with excitement for his new advice.

Dr. Dennis: “Let us program your toothbrush to your phone so that when the toothbrush starts to detect an incoming cavity, it will automatically set up an emergency appointment with me. I will give you a signed copy of you agreeing with the terms and conditions…By also agreeing to the terms and conditions, as long as you continue using this toothbrush, all of your appointments will be free of charge!”

Patrick: “Thank you doc! I look forward to using it tonight!”

Patrick begins to put on his jacket to leave for home. He grabs his new toothbrush in excitement. He thinks this toothbrush is going to solve all his dental problems… little does he know; he will see Dr. Dennis… but it will not be about his teeth.

9 pm the same day: 

Scene #4: Patrick & Penelope’s bathroom

Patrick is gearing himself for his nightly teeth brushing. He reaches for his old red toothbrush. He pauses and remembers the new device he received from Dr. Dennis. Patrick rushes to the bedroom where he sees Spinning Smiles 20.20 waiting to be unboxed. Patrick grabs the box and rushes to the bathroom mirror where he meets his girlfriend, Penelope, waiting for him so that they can start their teeth brushing ritual together. Penelope notices Patrick’s new gadget and begins to dig

Penelope: “What the hell is that?”

Patrick: “It’s a new toothbrush from Dr. Dennis. He gave it to me for free!”

Once Patrick opened the box, there were many accessories to go along with the toothbrush:

  • The toothbrush
  • A chargeable case for the toothbrush
  • A mount holder for hold the toothbrush
  • Instructions on how to care for the toothbrush
  • Signed terms and conditions

Soon as Patrick turned on the Spinning Smiles, a notification popped on his phone:

“Greetings Mr. Patrick Jean! I am your new Spinning Smiles 20.20! I am here to keep your smile spinning. Please be sure to read and agree to the terms and conditions before advancing…”

Without a second wasted, Patrick slammed his thumb on the green indicator box with nothing but excitement.

Penelope: “Hey genius. Do you ever read the terms and conditions?”

Patrick turned with a sarcastic look…

Patrick: “Do you?”

Penelope: “To be frank, not as often as I should be. I read a lot of interesting stuff online on how people get caught under the conditions of a company without knowing.”

Disregarding Penelope, Patrick continues happily with his night toothbrushing…

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For the next 4 weeks, Patrick continues to use his new toothbrush with nothing but praise for the device… until he gets a surprise notification from Spinning Smiles: 

“Greeting Mr. Patrick Jean, I am scheduling an emergency appointment for you! Dr. Dennis will be waiting for you tomorrow at 10 am! See you then.”

Patrick pondered on what the appointment could possibly be about. He has been doubling down on his teeth brushing, going as far as taking Spinning Smiles to work for extra brushes. Patrick has not felt any cavities or other teeth issues since getting his new device… What could this visit be about.

Next Morning at 10 am:

Scene #5: Dentist waiting room

Patrick arrives at his dentist as usual for her monthly checkups, but something seemed a bit off. Like any other dentist appointments, Patrick sits in the waiting room of Dr. Dennis. As he waits, he notices two gentlemen with big red buttons pinned to their very lavish jackets “MAGA”. Patrick had never truly seen any other patients here at this dentistry; and seeing those two gentlemen creeped him out. To make matters even more uncomfortable, he overhears some very disturbing conversation going on between the two men:

Waiting Man #1: This new Spinning Smiles 20.20 is giving me that spinning smile to all the right sided people! Dr. Dennis is a genius!

Waiting Man #2: Yeah! This toothbrush is also an amazing way of pulling in more right people to our organization.

After a long pause…

Receptionist: “Hi Mr. Jean, nice to see you again! Before I let you in, can you just smile for me really quick?”

With a puzzled look on his face, Patrick pauses for a moment. He then proceeds to smile. The receptionist begins to examine his smile. After minutes of inspection, she nods her head in approval to motion Patrick through the doors.

Receptionist: “That is a spinning smile Mr. Jean!”

Scene #6: Dentist office hallway

Patrick rushed through the doors where he walked down the sparkling white hallways that reminded him of the overly creep politicians with the almost perfect white teeth. He reaches the end of the hallway that leads to the slightly opened door where Dr. Dennis is organizing his dentist equipment. He greets Patrick with the usual hello of every monthly meeting.

Scene #7: Dentist room

Dr. Dennis: “Hey Patrick! It’s nice to see you and your spinning smile!”

Patrick: Hey doc. What is the emergency appointment for? I do not have any issues with my teeth… the Spinning Smiles 20.20 had made my teeth even more perfect!

Dr. Dennis turns to him with an uneasy grin…

Dr. Dennis: That is good! And that is also the reason why Spinning Smiles 20.20 called you in for an emergency appointment. Not only has your new toothbrush has been tracking potential cavities, it has also been picking up your brushing habits. Your brushing habits and patterns are like a lot of my high-end clients.

Again, Patrick has a puzzled look on his face.

Patrick: “What is the point of calling me in for an appointment for that?”

Dr. Dennis: Did you not read the terms of service? By signing them, you voluntarily agreed to be monitored to determine whether you are left winged or right winged. With that spinning smile and the brushing patterns to match… are you ready to make America GREAT again?