With universities and colleges beginning to have students come back to campus for the set of a new school year, all is set to seem different.  From health and safety measures to how technology has been modified with students in mind, there is undoubtedly going to be adjustments that need to be made.  Some of them, you may not know you have to make until it is too late.  


Take Blake, for example.  Blake is a junior business student at a renowned school in his chosen field.  The last year of interacting in zoom classes and having the freedom to pick up his studies wherever he may be is something that is difficult to give up.  The flip side of that, is the school is handing out top of the line laptops to all of their students with all of the required new programming that comes along with having campuses filled up with people coming to learn.  


Blake knows, like the rest of his classmates that the laptops are coming with a level of technology that is made for students to have the best chance at success possible.  On his first day, he goes through all of the capabilities his new machine has.  From accounting to finance to statistics, his computer has come loaded with all kinds of programs that will be able to help him on his academic journey.  


Through the first few weeks, Blake finds it easy to use all of these different programs for his business courses.  His required history course, there is not much help in terms of programs.  One week passes and then the next, and before he even realizes it, his first paper is due.  All last semester, he was able to pay a friend of his to write his papers for various classes, so he figured he would use the same method.  


After he submitted his paper, about a week went by until the next class session, and the grades had been returned.  Blake was shocked at what he saw.  Not only did he receive a zero, he also got an email flagging him for academic dishonesty.  Blak could not believe that he was caught.  This method had yet to fail him to this point.  


As he read the email to see if there was anything that could be done, he found the source of the leak.  These school issued computers are fastened with “Securidemia,” a new academic specific surveillance software that could monitor academic dishonesty on the students device, catching them in their tracks and dealing with them as they come in.


Long story short, Blake was expelled from campus and found himself working for a local contractor.  He had to give back the laptop, so maybe he regained some freedom?