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Category: Issue 5: NetNarr Field Digital Alchemy Guide

NetNarr Field Digital Alchemy Guide for Digital Wellness in a Post Truth Internet Era (Spring 2019 Networked Narratives)

Fandom & Obsession: Searching for the Line Between Connection and Intrusion

Christina Masucci (@masoochwrites) & Euphemia Fabulae (@fab_euphie)

A Voyage into “the Digital Sea” and Discovering the Whirlpool of Dualism and Augmentation​

@MalteseTigerr @PhocaPorter

Death by selfies

Janet Maison

Fearing the F-Insta

@_teachreadwrite @LunaPandCofee

Screen Time and the Children

To Love or Not Love a Catfish

Author: Karel D. Perez / Co-author: Jane Kitten

Thoughts From Within the Panopticon: Social Curation & You~

Kelli Hayes @helterskelliter, Vlada Slaughter @vladaslaughter

Job Scamming from the Scammers

@MartinSeanette/ Gottfried Hartlib

“Blackfishing”: Unfolding the Issues of Online Appropriation

Kaveena Bullock (@Colorfulwriter02) and Xnirran S. (@Xnirran)

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