In the 2020 version of Networked Narratives, we have examined why the narrative forms of “Screening Surveillance” and “Black Mirror” are so compelling. They often build upon our existing anxieties about technology and push them just a step farther.  

In this class’s “Net Mirror”, we take a final turn to create speculative fiction(s) to help synthesize our concerns/wisdom/fears regarding our relationship with technology. We will think through the possible consequences of new technology by creating a collection of stories that push are imagination one step further.

The Story Concepts

“Find Love and Make America Great Again.” - Carrie was excited to join the exclusive online dating site She was sure these sophisticated dating algorithms were set to help her find her one true love. The possibilities for love seemed endless. Soon enough Carrie meets Harry (Their names even rhyme, that's a sign!) He is tall, dark and handsome. Before they know… more...
Distance - Story Concept  In the year 2023, the world is still working to recover from the great pandemic from three years ago.  People are still getting sick, economies worldwide have been stagnant, and all citizens of earth are still adjusting to this new normal.  Social distancing policies are still in effect, however the enforcement has been… more...
Out of Control - "cara-173-10-29-var.158" by Takuro Kuwabara #computergraphics#digital#art#artist#abstract#surreal#time#travel#space#spirit#mind#liquidity#fluidity#mu#zero#nothingness#infinity#evolution#mutation#mutationrate#hope#being#beings#journey#apartment#residence#instant — Takuro Kuwabara (@minevo2525) May 15, 2020 Story Concept Humanity finds itself at a point in which data collection has become the newest transaction, but they have also, in as many ways, capitulated to their becoming a part of the deal. Every home is outfitted with a monitor with… more...
SleepScapes: A Convergence of Sleep, Dreams and Surveillance -          Story Treatment Anna is a busy professional who finds it extremely difficult to turn off her brain and sleep. She is desperate and vulnerable. When she finds a potential technological solution to her insomnia, she jumps at the chance to use it. She is lulled into a false sense of security… more...
Spinning Smilies 20.20 - This is a basic overview of my screen play! Please visit my little screen play presentation for full images: Characters: Patrick: is an easy going fellow who takes great pride in his teeth. Believing that a million-dollar smile will get you far in the world, he will do anything to obtain it.… more...
The Loyal Resident - Story Treatment Story Concept It was March 16, 2020, a beautiful day with marshmallow clouds and blue skies; the buds on the dogwood trees were struggling to bloom, and the grass was cut. The people of the town were gathering provisions -- paper towels, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, Lysol spray, Clorox wipes, ground beef, chicken… more...
Tracked Down - Micro-chip riches has a magnitude of problems that leads to the ultimate demise! Karma will have its revenge. Story Concept “I’m the luckiest man in the world!” thought Richard Seelig as he took the elevator up to his chic Morristown penthouse, clutching the bottle of Roederer Cristal in one hand and fingering the small Tiffany… more...


The Final Project for the Net Mirror is development of “story treatment” (a single screen Netflix like episode summary from the Net Mirror Writers’ Room exercise) and a “story concept” for the final Net Mirror story collection. These are not final productions, but concept papers as maybe a pitche for speculative fiction stories that just might make for good film.

Elements for the Story Treatment include:

  • Description and images of scenes and settings
  • Overview of characters, traits, motivations, relationships
  • A plot map, e.g. a sketch, storyboard, or diagram of the plot path
  • As much narrative/dialogue as you have developed to describe the story
  • Media
    • Story treatment (from the “Net Mirror Writers’ Room Episodes” template)
    • An overall metaphorical image to serve as a cover image for your concept
    • A screenshot / exported image of your NetMirror Writers’ Room plot summary
    • Five+ images of settings/scenes
    • At least two tweets (they can be your own) that may be used as plot points in your story (these can be embedded into your published concept).
    • At least one original created animated gif representing the surveillance technology in your story.
    • At least four original (self-created) meme images playing out a dialogue scene in your story, plus one to leave as a teaser for what happens next.