This third issue of the Arganee Journal is a collection of E-Literature project ideas created as the final assignment for the Spring 2018 Networked Narrative class at Kean University.

The prompt for the assignment included:

For the final project of this class you are asked to conceptualize a possible E-literature piece about Digital Life, develop the character(s) that might be part of it, outline the setting/environment, research and described what it might do, perhaps create or find media it might use, explore the experience might look like (in words, diagrams, sketched), speculate how it might be produced, and create an example if possible demonstrating a part of the experience.

Below you will find the responses and ideas from the students in this class


Featured Image: Prehistoric granaries along the Colorado River, National Park Service photo by Mark Lellouch shared into the public domain as a product of a US Government agency